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INGRANAGGI Rings on Sale
INGRANAGGI Rings on Sale

INGRANAGGI Rings on Sale

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Last pieces of the Ingranaggi Rings by V Design Lab. Designed in Zurich and hand-finished in Italy.

A selection of brass and / or 18 Gold plated brass have been put on sale because they are either the last pieces available or they have been used for exhibitions and so on and might have a bit of a more vintage look.

  • Material: Brass or 8Kt Gold Plated brass
  • Size: 2mm thick
  • Nickel-free.

3 Standard Sizes available. Please see the Sizing Chart Page for details.

It can be worn as a ring or also as a small pendant for a necklace or a bracelet, if you wish, just by attaching it to a thread.

Please browse the rest of the "Ingranaggi" Collection and keep alert with new pieces coming up along the way.