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SAVOY Collection

The SAVOY Collection presents curvier shapes and more organic surfaces, where you can still recognise V DESIGN LAB's signature precise and sharp design. Modern pieces that are also timeless and elegant to wear every day or for a special occasion with a retro trendy vibe.

I would like to evoke decadent, once luxurious ambiences now accessible to everybody. 

The name comes from "Savoia", which was the Royal family in Italy (residing in Torino), but referring to its and that period architectural style and decor. Thought also to be combined with clothing and accessories with other styles from different eras that can perfectly and harmoniously live together.
Valeria, the Designer & Founder, says: "I love the contrast with the modernity of this collection, yet vaguely vintage, but still actual and cool (I think ;) ). 
By the way, the founder's my family name comes from Torino."
Every V DESIGN LAB Jewellery piece tells a story.