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Hand-crafting Process & More

V DESIGN LAB by Valeria Vigliani is a Zürich based jewellery brand, part of Form Forum, the biggest Swiss Association for artistic Handicraft & Design. Mainly a One-Woman-Show.

Portrait of Valeria Vigliani, founder & designer of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

Valeria, the designer, personally conceives the ideas and designs each single jewellery piece/collection first by hand and then in 3D.

  • A first prototype is then created out of wax or resin and then, when approved, the actual wax model is melted into a metal jewellery piece.
  • The piece is then hand-finished and polished if needed.
Lavorazione Billabong Double Hoop Earrings by Valeria Vigliani
    • Afterwards a coat of 18Kt Gold plates the piece with a more than average level of plating when it is requested.
    • She combines tradition (hand-design, hand-finishing by herself or through a local goldsmith atelier in Italy) with new technology (3D design, 3D printing for prototyping and for producing other unique pieces or small collections in other materials g. alumide, etc…)
      Filing work on one of a kind V DESIGN LAB Jewellery piece
      • Ultimately creating unique and sustainable pieces of jewellery using mostly up-cycled brass, Recycled Sterling Silver 925 which is then often 18Kt Gold plated or recycled gold upon request.
      • Ad-hoc designs can be created with the client for a personalised piece of jewellery as well as different sizes of existing designs, different metals, also precious metals, or finishes can be requested
      Personalised Necklace in 18Kt Gold by V DESIGN LAB
        • V DESIGN LAB Jewellery has a registered license in Switzerland that allows it to handcraft and sell precious Jewellery in Switzerland
        Approved V DESIGN LAB Jewellery Logo by Swiss EZV
        • It’s a local Zurich based brand that:
          • wants to keep alive the artisanal gold-smithing techniques, as the jewelry pieces are hand-finished  
          • while also exploring new technology through 3D printing

          Ingranaggi Band Ring Render by V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

        • recycling & up-cycling in full or most of the metals used to produce her jewellery pieces
        • reducing waste and having a fast & direct result by prototyping
        • produces small quantities mostly in Italy or within the European Union instead of outside the EU,
        • by collaborating and providing employment fairly to small artisans laboratories
          SAVOY Collection worn by Alexandra Ciop Spritzo, Photo by @tate_rey 
          • Ultimately taking in consideration different aspects and managing V DESIGN LAB Jewellery 360* by:
            • having a nice, cooperative, productive and inclusive relationships where ideas flow and exchange is very valuable, also fostering a nice work-life balance whenever possible
            • supervising the entire value/manufacturing chain, which is a sort of "Km0" production concept
            • recycling and reusing materials, such as metal, whenever possible, for example reusing entire sheets of metal avoiding them to go to waste or when pieces need to be altered, the latter are modified whenever possible instead of creating new ones therefore reducing metal waste. Recycled Sterling Silver 925 is used to create V DESIGN LAB Jewellery
            • talking directly to the final consumer whenever possible to collect feedback, sharing ideas, etc… first hand.
          • Committed to keep exploring the jewellery world, learning everyday and trying to improve every bit of the process in any possible way compatibly with the available tools, skills and time