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Care Instructions

V DESIGN LAB Care Instructions

It is always important to take good care of your jewellery to keep its best. Metal is in fact a live material and therefore it evolves with time and needs care.

Jewellery by V DESIGN LAB are available either in brass or gold plated brass or recycled Silver 925. All gold plated jewellery undergo a very thick and careful 18K gold plating process. Despite this great care in the making, they still deserve a lot of care when wearing them to keep shining on you!

In fact because of the nature of the process and the metal, the plating might fade away with time. To give it a longer life, we advise to always store your jewellery in the packaging that came with it, in a soft pouch or in a box to keep it away from dust and possible tarnishing especially with the brass only versions. This is particularly true for rings that are in great contact with your skin.

Also avoid getting your jewellery in contact with water (e.g. take them off when washing your hands or taking a shower) or wearing them on very humid days. The effect on each person is different depending on each one's skin PH level. Also try not to wear different types of metal one next to the other. All metals are unfortunately subject to the passing of time, but sometimes this is what makes them more interesting.


About earstuds: 

Since studs and butterfly closings are made of gold plated recycled silver 925 and silver is a soft metal, it's important to check your butterfly closing regularly and apply pressure to close the butterfly stud, so that it keeps closed at its best always.


How can you polish your jewellery?

Warm up a solution of a product to clean silver or a gentle dish soap and gently clean your jewellery with an old toothbrush with soft and worn out bristles.

For a simple polish you can clean it with a very soft cloth such as the ones for glasses. This will get fingerprints away.

Cleaning your jewellery regularly in the suggested way is a good practice to keep it shining at its best.

Ultimately you can have your jewellery pieces gold plated once again after some time and give them new life!


For more details on the full cleaning process read my blogpost here or if you prefer just watch this video I created for you and shared on @vdesignlab Instagram Account. I hope it's useful. Enjoy!