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Jewellery Collections


INGRANAGGI Collection: Artistic display of Rings and Bangles. Discover more of the Ingranaggi Collection.


FLOWER POWER Collection: Artistic display of Pendants in different finishes. Discover more of the Flower Power Collection.


PNEUS Collection: Breathless shot of the PNEUS Pendant, inspired by the curves and volumes of pneumatics, gaskets and the likes. Discover more of the PNEUS Collection


Abanicos Collection (Ventagli) 

ABANICOS Collection (Ventagli): Here a photo of the "Abanicos" Big Earrings with a hook in the 18kt White Gold plated finish. Contrast between the polished upper part and the textured part below. More about the Abanicos Collection.



BILLABONG Collection: Here the BILLABONG Double Circle Earrings, part of the overarching TRAVEL Collection. Lasercut, handfinished and 18Kt White Gold plated. More about the TRAVEL Collection.


New REBORN (Dali') Collection: here the Reborn Open Ring in 18Kt Gold Plating inspired by Dali's Palace in Figueras (Barcelona). More about the REBORN (Dali') Collection

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

Artistic display of the main V DESIGN LAB jewellery pieces.

V DESIGN LAB is a design and hand-crafting Jewellery Laboratory.

INGRANAGGI and FLOWER POWER are the first two collections, while PNEUS comes as a third bolder industrial inspired Collection. The ABANICOS (Fans) Collection, inspired by Spanish fans tradition, followed by other unique pieces or mini collections inspired by my travels.

The latest REBORN (Dali') Collection inspired by Spanish artist Salvador Dali' officially launched September 2019.

All are carefully designed in Zürich and hand-finished in Italy by V DESIGN LAB.