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Dutch Design Week: Great Experience for V DESIGN LAB

V DESIGN LAB has been exhibiting its jewellery at the Dutch Design Week 2017. 

V DESIGN LAB at the Dutch Design Week 2017

New pieces and existing collections have been showcased at Yksi Design Shop, Eindhoven's Design destination during the design week and for the remaining 51 weeks of the year.

It all happened thanks to Shapeways, which selected V DESIGN LAB, and that allows to digitally handcraft jewellery and a lot of other products.

A few pieces have been exclusively made in line with the Dutch Design Week's theme: STRETCH.

The word "Stretch" has been interpreted in different ways:

    1. its literal meaning - so the INGRANAGGI Hoop Earrings and Pendant have been stretched to form a new, longer (i.e. stretched) design. See photos below.
    INGRANAGGI Hoop Earrings in its "STRETCHED" version for the Dutch Design Week 2017
      2. its metaphorical meaning "Stretch it too far" - so exaggerating something with the FLOWER POWER Pendant that has been cut in half and redesigned as a peculiar butterfly

      Stretch it too far: Butterfly

        3. Adding some Fun - so colourful elastic bands have been added to the INGRANAGGI Hoop Earrings to make these earrings more playful, building on an idea of a few years ago when I had just started modelling silver by hand.

        Stretch = FUN - INGRANAGGI hoop Earrings with Colourful Elastic bands

          It has been a great experience to see the amazing energy of Eindhoven, experience the Dutch Design Week, meet with people, receive a lot of positive feedback and engage with the Dutch public (and not only) who's very friendly and interested in design and what designers and makers do.

          Also an opportunity to meet a lot of the Shapeways team members, who made this experience possible, both the Dutch and the US team who flew all the way from NYC just to support all of their designers.

          By the way, V DESIGN LAB has also been interviewed! :)

          V DESIGN LAB being interviewed at the Dutch Design Week 2017

          A particular thank you goes to Victoria and Ruud, Virginia, Lauren, Sara and Andrew and all the rest of the team that I met during the Design Week and the closing drinks!

          If you weren't there, here's a short video for you.

          See you next year!!!

          A few photos of the event below!

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          Me, myself and I (aka V DESIGN LAB) at the Dutch Design Week 2017

          Shapeways Booth at the Dutch Design Week

          Me, myself and I (aka V DESIGN LAB) at the Dutch Design Week 2017

          V DESIGN LAB busy, busy, busy at the Dutch Design Week 2017

          A moment to breathe for V DESIGN LAB at the Dutch Design Week 2017