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Inspiring People V DESIGN LAB met last Xmas time

The past few months have been quite busy, I guess for all of you.

The Xmas rush, the many events that V DESIGN LAB Jewellery attended and then a bit of well deserved holiday time. :) Oh, and a month of flue...Yes, this post was very much overdue. 

We worked a lot for all the orders for your Christmas gifts, for which we are very happy, and we met so many lovely customers that grew fond of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery and chose them for themselves or to give as a present for a special occasion or for Xmas.

Meanwhile I met so many interesting and inspiring people, and among them two bloggers, very genuine and passionate about what they do!

The 1st one is Alessia Bianchi (@lalessiuccia on Instagram), who accepted V DESIGN LAB Jewellery invitation to come to Etsy Made in Italy - Como and meet the designer behind the brand.

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery shot by Alessia Bianchi Food Blogger

She is a food blogger, and I believe a true observer, nothing goes unnoticed under her attentive eyes, genuine, what you see is what you get. And we really liked what we saw!

She really showed true interest in what V DESIGN LAB is doing, sharing some of the pieces on her Instagram stories.

I believe one of her favourites, following her comments, was the FLOWER POWER Pendant that you can also see below.

V DESIGN LAB Flower Power Pendant

Well, even if a bit late, V DESIGN LAB wants to show its own gratitude. 

You can read her Food blog here.

And discover V DESIGN LAB Jewellery Collections & unique pieces here:

We'll talk about the 2nd person we met in another post.

Have a great day!