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Let's Pamper our Mom. She definitely deserves it! Special Prices on V DESIGN LAB Jewellery for Mother's Day

 ❤️ Mother's Day is approaching, or has just passed by in some countries. ❤️

The second year it actually regards me as well, my Gosh! It just feels strange. Am I really a mother? I guess practically I am, but sometimes I wonder whether I am that figure that a kid would look up too. I guess when you are kid, starting exploring the world, a grown up figure is definitely reassuring. And I guess that at the end of the day it's about doing the best we can and trying to avoid major disaster. Also not forgetting to enjoy a little with and without our kids! 

Mamas are °grown up° girls who just want to have fun...sometimes at least!  

So let's celebrate our mom or ourselves as a mom for Mother's Day.

Having plenty of time to think of a gift is a luxury & paying a bit less is always nice, isn't it? And even if you’re late, you still can!

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