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The Full PNEUS Collection is Out!

Finally, the full PNEUS Collection is ready!

As you know V DESIGN LAB takes inspiration from different aspects of everyday life, among which industrial elements.

So after the INGRANAGGI Collection (i.e. Italian for Spinning Gears), here comes the PNEUS Collection that was inspired by Pneumatics and Gaskets, and the "Bibendum" curves and volumes. 

Industrial elements, often hidden and forgotten, are dignified and turned into modern, elegant and effortless jewellery pieces.

I designed the first piece, the Pneus Pendant, almost two years ago.

Then the Small Half Hoop Earrings followed in Autumn together with the Bangle, but only in Nylon and Alumide. 

PNEUS Small Hoop Earrings by V DESIGN LAB

February was the time for the Pneus Bangle in 18Kt Gold Plated brass to display its full glory.

All the pieces are available in 18Kt Polished Gold Plated brass in the shade of Gold, Rose Gold and Burnished Rhodium, which gives a vintage effect to the piece. They are also available in the White Gold Finish upon request. 

Bangles are also available in different colours of Nylon and Alumide, a plastic material with Aluminium powder which gives the bangle a sparkling effect. These last pieces are manufactured thanks to 3D printing. You can see more here.

Available for viewing and purchase Online and exclusively for now at Laurapunto - Viale Campania 30, Milan.

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