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Time to give back to Australia for V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

The Australian Flag alongside the Aboriginal one

The flue has won over me and that is why this post comes at a later stage than I would have wanted. But I am sure that is probably better since for sure the great fires that afflicted Australia in the past few weeks haven't stopped completely. So the emergency is not over yet, despite the fact that the Media are not covering this story anymore as it has moved onto other tragedies.

Anyway it is always important to remind ourselves to care about the environment and support who help us in times of difficulties.


Kangaroos at Kangaroo Island, SA Australia

As you might know, I spent 3 years living in Australia, in Melbourne, where my jewellery project started to take root in my mind. Therefore I am profoundly linked and forever grateful to this majestic country that more than once has gave me the freedom of choosing my own path, little by little finding the courage within me to change my own story, to allow myself to grow as an individual and a professional, first during my Uni experience at Macquarie University in Sydney and more recently in Melbourne.

As a result Australia is part of me and it inspired some of V DESIGN LAB's jewellery pieces, whether already released, such as the Billabong Collection, or still on my sketchbook.

Clohe Pichon with the Billabong Circle Earrins with Pearl by V DESIGN LAB, photographed by Marine du Sordet

So it is time to give back for me and to support other human beings and a truly unique nature and wildlife. I spoke to some trustworthy friends Downunder (i.e. Australia) to look for causes to support. So if you wish, you can donate to the following organisations:

Red Cross Australia

RSPCA - to aid Australian wildlife

Salvation Army

Other organisations

Also if you purchase an item from the Billabong Collection or any of the pieces of the Travel through Jewellery umbrella collection, I'll consider 5% of your payment as a donation to Australia and I will double that, so to donate 10% from each purchase throughout February to one any of the above mentioned organisations. 

If you want to keep up to date with what I am doing, don't hesitate to subscribe to my newsletter to receive the initial discount and many other interesting offers dedicated only to V DESIGN LAB's subscribers.

More on the Travel Collection here.

I leave you with a brief text on Australian nature and wildlife found during my visit to Parliament House in Canberra a few years back.

Brief text on Australian nature

And for once let's get personal this time with a photo of my time in Australia.

Us in the Australian Wildlife

My husband and I in the Australian Wildlife


P.S. All photos are mine, except where specified.