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V DESIGN LAB chosen in the Gold Standard Jewellery Section of Vanity Fair UK August 2018 Issue

Vanity Fair UK's August 2018 cover features the "Pulitzer Prize–winning “poet laureate of hip-hop” Kendrick Lamar (who) has made history with his music." (source: VF UK Aug 18). And it also features V DESIGN LAB Jewellery as once again selected by this icon magazine read all over the world.

Kendrick Lamar Cover for Vanity Fair UK august 18 Cover which features V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

You'll in fact find V DESIGN LAB "PNEUS Half Hoops", part of V DESIGN LAB last Collection in Vanity Fair UK "Gold Standard..." section.

The PNEUS Collection was inspired by industrial components, such as Pneumatics and Gaskets, and the "Bibendum" curves and volumes. It includes 3 main elements: the Pendant, the first designed piece, the Small Half Hoops Earrings, featured in the magazine in their 18Kt Gold Plated Finish, and the Bangles.

 V DESIGN LAB's PNEUS Half Hoop Earrings featured on Vanity Fair UK Aug 2018


They are available in different 18Kt Gold Plating Colour Finishes and also in a new finish, the Burnished Silver Plated finish.

Browse the collection here for more details.

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery has been associated with worldwide events and love, for Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's wedding, with theater and film making, with Emilia Clarke's VF UK previous issue, and finally with Kendrick Lamar and music, definitely a vital element for inspiration and positive energy for Valeria Vigliani, V DESIGN LAB's Designer & Founder. 

We're sincerely excited!

Thank you so much once again Vanity Fair UK!

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Enjoy a sample of Kendrick Lamar's music here.