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V DESIGN LAB featured as a favourite by Influencer Alexandra Sash

V DESIGN LAB on Alexandra Sash vlog

Hello everybody,

I've been excited to share with you this piece of news for quite some time now.

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery has been selected by Alexandra Sash to be featured in her Vlog about Jewellery.

Alexandra is a vlogger, influencer and digital marketing consultant and in her "Jewellery 101 + My everyday Collection" tutorial she explains how to go about gold jewellery. In this video she will provide you with the first tools to navigate the jewellery world: for example, how to understand the quality of the pieces, how to choose your jewellery carefully and ultimately tips to buy it. 

Alexandra Sash showing V DESIGN LAB BILLABONG Circle with Pearls

Plus she is sharing her favourites by explaining why she chose these pieces. And I'm so happy that she selected V DESIGN LAB

V DESIGN LAB pieces featured in the video are a selection of long time favourites, statement pieces and a choice from the latest collections.

Alexandra Sash wearing V DESIGN LAB BILLABONG Circles with Pearls

She defines V DESIGN LAB Jewellery as:

"distinct, minimal but with a very feminine style"
"very unique design"  "a nice way to modernise pearls"
"the designer heart and soul can be seen in her distinct design pieces"

Basically, she is saying that V DESIGN LAB jewellery is created with my heart and soul and that are very unique compared to many other brands that design pieces that are very similar to one another. 

Watch the the full Vlog on YouTube to find out more.

Make sure to follow her on her Alexandrasash channel and on Insta to be on top of trends and everyday style and practical tips!

Here below her details:

IG: @itsalexandrasash



And V DESIGN LAB Links to the featured pieces:

V Design Lab Ingranaggi hoops

Billabong circle earrings

Pneus bangle

Pneus earrings