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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery and the "Moms Juggling it all?" Project

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery creator of the "Moms Juggling it all?" Project

"Moms Juggling it all?" is an initiative by V DESIGN LAB jewelry designer Valeria Vigliani that brought together the photographer Tatiana Rey and Adrienn Bodor as the makeup artist.

What connects these 3 professionals is the daily juggling among their family and business related tasks. A collab was decided, but a theme was needed, as Adrienn suggested, and Valeria came up with the idea of portraying moms and their daily run to do it all, then the title came up naturally: "Moms juggling it all?".

Appreciating the same work done by fellow working moms, they want to offer a special experience. In a portrait session they'll try to make each woman feel good about oneself, leaving all the items on her to do list behind for a couple of hours.

Moms will get to wear V DESIGN LAB Jewellery, receive a hair and makeup matching their personalities and smashing portraits as a reminder that they do it all well! And it's good enough.

Lea Waser posing for her Moms Juggling it all interview

Lea Waser posing for her "Moms Juggling it all?" Interview, Photo by Tatiana Rey, Jewellery by V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

We want to try to take the Stress component out of the equation of being both a business owner or working lady and a mom at the same time. Moms should not feel stressed in everyday life in order to do it all alone, should they really juglle it all? (even if they usually can/do) That's the question.

They are first of all individuals, they also exist without their kids, and should be able to find their own "me time" to re-balance & enjoy themselves, if they want to.

That's why we joined forces to celebrate the hardworking women out there through a special project.

 Backstage of the Moms Juggling it All Project with Adrienn Bodor Makeup Artist & Lea Waser Make up artist, photos by Tatiana Rey, Jewellery by V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

Instagram Story of Backstage Photo of Adrienn Bodor Make up session with Lea Waser for the "Moms Juggling it all?" Interview

Our goal is to inspire other women to keep moving forward, seeking support where needed, and show them that they are not alone in their struggles - and that they are women first and foremost. Join us in celebrating the power of working moms by following the hashtag #momsjugglingitall on our Instagram accounts.

Some content will be shared also on V DESIGN LAB's Facebook Page and Linkedin and here on the website, but the main platform will be Instagram, with posts & stories shared mainly on our 3 accounts.

The first interviews will be introduced in the next few days
Let's inspire and support each other!

⭐️ Project Leaders ⭐️
* Valeria Founder & Jewellery Designer @vdesignlab
* Tatiana Photographer @tate_rey
* Adrienn Make-up Artist @adriennbodormua

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