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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery at Fashion Revolution Zurich

Who made your Clothes, Jewellery, Accessories, etc...? What does sustainable mean?

All these are questions that probably we still rarely ask ourselves. For many reasons... we don’t have time, we don’t want to spend too much on the products we buy and prefer spending on experiences like traveling, we don’t care or we are not used to care, living in a society which hasn’t taught us to care.

But... little by little these questions are starting to pop up in our heads more and more often, either when we buy or when we look at cheap clothes or jewellery at home and after a year or two, they are to be thrown away and we tell ourselves: "I’m going to buy less next time, but quality garments". Make next time "now". That’s a way to ignite the conversation with someone or with your own self, generating some sort of reasoning in our head. 

Kraftwerk Cafe during the Fashion Revolution Day in zurich Photo credits: V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

And of course when we produce products for other people.

Quality is a must, but I also want to produce near where I live, supporting both Italy (the country I come from) and Switzerland (the country that is kindly hosting me and my family) in the case of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery. Also know well the people we’re working with, reduce waste, know the processes and be transparent with our prospect customers for example. These are some of the things I’m trying to do with my project: V DESIGN LAB Jewellery. And I'm conscious more can be done, but hey there is always room for improvement!

I made your Jewellery V DESIGN LAB Fashion Revolution Switzerland

Behind every small brand there’s a person, or more than one, with a story to tell, with dreams, who puts a lot of effort towards what one loves, most often working on weekends, for example juggling between taking care of a kid and working at a slowlier pace because of this, but never giving up. 

Valeria Designer & Founder of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery is hand-finished in a small gold-smithing studio in Northern Italy in one of the most renowned Jewellery district in Italy or 3d printed in the Netherlands. Supplies are sourced in Switzerland or in the UE. And ideas generated, designed, made and/or assembled by me in Zürich.

Fashion Revolution has been a great experience last Saturday April 28th. An opportunity to meet so many lovely people, exchange opinions on sustainable matters and learn a lot! I gathered lots of interesting ideas to explore. Always good to dig more, improve oneself and strive for the best for the well-being of the people and our beloved planet. So thank you very much Fashion Revolution Switzerland for the opportunity and Kraftwerk Zürich for hosting us.

Conference time at Fashion Revolution Zurich 2018 Photo credits: V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

A tough day, but definitely worth it! Thanks also to all the people interested in hearing the story behind V DESIGN LAB Jewellery and the many ones who brought home a treasure from my collections. 

Me with customers - V DESIGN LAB Jewellry at Fashion Revolution Day Zurich 2018

There were many interesting designers, some of whom I met, but please feel welcome to get in touch with me to know more or just to reach out to share your experience.

Whether you were a visitor, a designer or a shop: How was your Fashion Revolution Day?

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