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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery chosen by Swiss Clothing Label "Ethno Pearls"

January has just started, but V DESIGN LAB Jewellery is already full on new projects!

Last year I met Bisera Tasic, founder and artisan behind Ethno Pearls handmade clothes, at an event. We had a good chat, she loved my jewellery and soon afterwards we got together for a coffee.

Bisera told me about her fashion label project. I was immediately struck by her enthusiasm and determination. A dream about to come true, as it happened for my jewellery brand. I was also fascinated by her designs and textures that I immediately said "yes" when she asked me to be part of Etnho Pearls photoshooting for the Spring Summer 19 Collection!


Ethno Pearls Photoshooting Backstage

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery designs were the perfect addition to Ethno Pearls linear but catchy silhouettes, rich in Serbian and Yugoslavic fashion traditions, in full colours or rich in details and flowery textiles. A perfect combination of trendy, romantic, retro, boho-chic styles that were matched perfectly by either the more minimal or more elaborate pieces of V DESIGN LAB Collections

Bisera, Ethno Pearls Founder,

with "Abanicos" Medium Earrings by V DESIGN LAB

The supporting crew was amazing and I'd like to thank you first of all;

  • Bisera for including V DESIGN LAB in her project,
  • Salome and Susi, the 2 beautiful, accomplished women, that acted as ironic but so professional models,
  • RG Art, the Make Artist that transformed everyone in an even more beautiful human being,
  • the two photographers, Djordje Damjanac and Aleks Kostic  
  • and of course all the family friends that supported us on a Sunday afternoon

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery at Ethno Pearls Photoshooting in Baden

Here are some photos from the day. I can't wait to see the final photos!

Susi wearing V DESIGN LAB "Pinnacle" Earrings with

Ethno Pearls Blouse

Susi rocking V DESIGN LAB "Abanicos"Medium Earrings and INGRANAGGI Bangles & Rings, Ethno Pearls Summer jumpsuit

Susi rocking V DESIGN LAB "Abanicos" Medium Earrings and INGRANAGGI Bangles & Rings, Ethno Pearls Summer jumpsuit