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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery Collab with Ayano Hakura's Womenswear

After this long Summer break, I'm here to tell you about a collaboration with another amazing lady. If you follow V DESIGN LAB Jewellery on Facebook and Instagram, you might know already seen her clothing adorned by V DESIGN LAB Jewellery.

I'm talking about Ayano Hakura and her high-tech womenswear collection. 

Ayano Hakura wearing V DESIGN LAB JewelleryAyano Hakura wearing V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

She's Japanese and her website is in Japanese, but even if you don't speak the language (like me), I think her clothing speaks for itself. 

We met through a common friend. I liked her fashion style a lot since the beginning. Minimal, casual or elegant, but either way very classy. Simply put: effortless chic. And I pictured her clothing line several times perfectly matching V DESIGN LAB jewellery.

Why choosing Ayano Hakura?

I'm going to tell you why I chose to collaborate with her.

As mentioned above, the clothes she's designing are beautiful and elegant and can be worn on different occasions, dressing them up or down. I could see myself wearing her clothes no doubt!

Second of all, it is produced sustainably like V DESIGN LAB Jewellery. Ayano cares a lot about sustainability and she definitely shows that also on her personal / blog Instagram account. And she is sharing that message through a cool t-shirt saying *Because your choice matters*.

Third, her fashion pieces are stain free, which is fantastic for everybody, but especially for moms I'd say. Direct experience ;)

Then her clothing line is water repellant. Can you believe that?

To quote her: "The point is, it’s (Ayano Hakura's clothing) not only nice nice for moms with younger kids because it won’t get dirty easily (stress-free), but also we can prevent micro plastic pollution to the ocean because we don’t need to wash it often."


Last but not least all of her clothes look amazing with V DESIGN LAB Jewellery!

What would I want more?

Here what she chose to pair with her womenswear collection:


Detail of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery's INGRANAGGI Maxi Hoops

Don't forget to check her collection out!