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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery experience at CRITERION

A day to recover and fully absorb the intense experience at CRITERION Festival in Zurich. A different festival, with a very friendly atmosphere, with artisans, designers, chefs, creators and innovative entrepreneurs coming from all over Switzerland and not only.

Four days that allowed me to share my experience, show V DESIGN LAB dainty, hand-finished and sustainable pieces of jewellery, inspired by architectural & industrial design, dreams, travels & nature. 

Four days to meet new people, explain my project, meet new customers, happy returning ones and existing customers I didn't know I had thanks to some of the shops I sell in (e.g. Zämä, Collab Zürich), friends and other exhibitors near me that showed their support and help during these long exciting days.

I'd like to mention a few exhibitors that made me laugh, shared their energy and party mood, especially at the end of the day, or just helped me with small issues during the day: Saloni from Protsaah Jewellery and lifestyle accessories, Christian with his handmade leather bags & accessories, Melanie from Hanimanns and her colourful Ghana imported Clothing, Jenni & Kaesar and their beautiful wood chopboards &co, Patrick from Shreif recycled bags, the ladies from FRELS with their innovative glasses accessory, the ladies that created the Criterion's lanyards Cornelia Arbogast Headpieces, Stoll for their coffee morning boost and Tokushuu with their beautiful sandals. Of course many others too...

Thank you Jenni from Scandinavian Style Blog, Aurelie Cardon Baude from Who's Next, Salome' from Pourtoujours Shop for visiting among other people like Perrine for her constant support and Apikonoe from Waternimph handmade creations. And Bisera the designer of the clothing in the cover story photo, handmade by her under the brand name Ethnopearls.

I also discovered two products I really loved at Criterion: GENTS Ginger Beer, the bloodorange LEMONAID and Chocolate ice-cream by Taucherli. Sooo good!


Always an opportunity to learn something new.

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Below a few photos from the event.