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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery featured on Preziosa Magazine

Hi all,

I hope you are all doing well during these challenging times, when pleasant things can still happen and one can feel surprised.

This is just a quick post to share the news with you that V DESIGN LAB Jewellery has been accepted to feature among the new designers section of Preziosa Magazine, a relevant jewellery magazine in Italy.

Valeria Vigliani, jewellery designer of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery

It's nice to read what other people, and even more jewellery experts, have to say about my work and my jewellery design project. The writer, Maria Rosaria Petito, doesn't know me, but from my jewellery pieces and my words has captured the dynamism, essence of my birth city "Milan", that I try to convey to my designs.

Enough of my words, just directly read the article here and see the pieces that have been featured.

Links to Featured Collections:

INGRANAGGI - V DESIGN LAB's first collection

BILLABONG - a sub-collection of the umbrella Travel collection, inspired by my travels in Australia and the Aboriginal word "Billabong"

SANTIAGO - the new collection launched in November 2020 inspired by the "Camino the Santiago"

ABANICOSinspired by the Spanish tradition of fans, but minimally designed, minimal, almost an encounter among different aesthetics Milan, Spain, ancient Egypt and Japan.


Thank you Preziosa Magazine.

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery on Preziosa Magazine