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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery landed in Solothurn thanks to Minhature

V DESIGN LAB Jewellery at Minhature Concept Store in Solothurn

Since a couple of months you can find V DESIGN LAB Jewellery at the beautiful shop Minhature Concept Store in Solothurn City Centre, in its old part near the river.

Behind Minhature there's a lovely lady, Thuy-Minh, who has great taste and sources the most beautiful things for everybody! she also has clothing atelier, as she creates clothes for babies and not only, and she has Vietnamese venture because of her family origins. Too bad i missed the chance to taste one of her Bahn-mi sandwiches when I went to visit her just before the Summer. See below Thy-Minh at work in her shop.

Thuy-Minh at work in her Minhature Concept Shop in Solothurn -  VDESIGN LAB Jewellery

Here the ABANICOS Big Pendant Earrings beautifully displayed at Minhature Concept Store, but please go and have a look for yourself. You'll find more pieces made by V DESIGN LAB Jewellery.

I wouldn't miss the chance to see her store or attend one of her workshops, if you live in Solothurn or if you're there visiting.


Lagerstrasse 34 - 8004 Zürich

​When? Opening Times

Di: 9-11.30 

Mi/Do/ Fr: 9-11.30 & 14.30-18 

Sa: 10-17