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V DESIGN LAB Jewellery latest months: Design Apero in Zurich and more

Valeria of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery wearing the ABANICOS Big Earrings while talking to Christina Krämer

Valeria of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery talking to Christina Krämer (Photo courtesy of Valeria Crescenzi by Margherita)

There are many things that I have been wanting to tell you for quite some time, but the latest months have been hectic. So now I finally have the time to write about them..

The Xmas period has been full of events, orders, special orders to make customers happy. Why am I still talking about Xmas time?

Because at the beginning of December I had the pleasure to be invited by Valeria Crescenzi of Zurich Wonderland that invented something new in Zurich: the Design Aperos.

These events are by invitation only. The main aim is to aggregate people, create networking opportunities and maybe new collaborations among designers, architects and people linked to this world. You can read more here.

I had the pleasure to meet many different people in a lovely location AP Store Gallery in Niederdorf. For the people that are not familiar with Zurich, this is its very pretty old town.

I had the pleasure to learn about sustainable Cachemire’s production by Christina Krämer, meet with illustration’s founder Lykkefundpaper, architect Jan Kubasiewicz, Florist and Hemp bag producer Rebecca, graphic designer and hobbyist photographer Margherita Facca

Valeria of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery wearing the ABANICOS Big Earrings in 18Kt White Gold plated

Valeria of V DESIGN LAB Jewellery listening to Christina's speech, wearing the ABANICOS Big Earrings, already visibly pregnant (Photo courtesy of Valeria Crescenzi by Margherita) 

It’s been a very interesting night, delighted by a beautiful table setting and a lekker Apero organised by Valeria. And it was great to be able to share my experience as a jewellery designer while listening to other perspectives on how each one is developing one’s brand, architectural studio and so on.

Here the ABANICOS Studs by V DESIGN LAB, the smallest version of the earrings I was wearing that night, 18Kt Gold plated & Nickel-free. 

And a great plus since I rarely get to go out for fun in the evening with a toddler. This is one main event I wanted to share with you because worth mentioning. 

    Valeria Crescenzi introducing the December Design Apero at AP Store Gallery (Photo courtesy of Valeria Crescenzi, by Margherita Facca)

January has been more of a pondering period plus strategising & prioritising and a bit of designing too and February definitely a month dedicated to deciding which collection to produce next. Some are new ideas, some are old and they will be launched throughout the year if prototyping goes well :)

What is going on in your life?

It would be great to know. Feel free to share your thoughts on my social media or via email.

Life still needs to go on. Have a great almost Spring day!