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V DESIGN LAB INGRANAGGI Pinnacle Earrings Featured on Shapeways

With surprise I found out the other day that V DESIGN LAB Pinnacle Earrings have been featured on Shapeways as an example of “affordable, cutting edge professional 3D printing” (Source: Shapeways) 

V DESIGN LAB Pinnacle Earrings featured on Shapeways

This design was actually designed for the DDW - Dutch Design Week in 2017 in line with the theme of the Expo that year: "Stretch". The theme was interpreted in different ways (read more here), one was taking into account the literal meaning of the word. So the INGRANAGGI Hoop Earrings were physically stretched and became a new design: the Pinnacle Earrings. 

V DESIGN LAB Pinnacle Earrings

There's always a story behind each design. Be curious and find out what it is, even if it entails asking the designer directly. Sometimes you'll be amazed! ;)

Available on my Shapeways page or directly here.

V DESIGN LAB Pinnacle Earrings at the Dutch Design Week 2017